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28th Sep 2016

Welcome to Advanced Site Stats

Advanced Site Stats is a FREE web tracker that will give you real time detailed web stats for any PHP enabled sites.
A real time demo can be seen by visiting any of the pages


  • New and Repeat Visitors
  • Total Hits and Visit length
  • Referring websites and pages
  • Popular Pages
  • Entry and Exit Pages
  • Visits by robots
  • Reports on search engines and which words are used
  • Time taken for page loads (and reports on page loads)
  • System Performance Monitoring - CPU busy
  • Page analysis and keyword density
  • Denial of Service Attacks and web fetch detecting

What does this tell you?

  • Who is looking at what pages (what country, IP address) ?
  • What sites did they come from (what links, search engines, adverts)
  • What advertising is paying off (and providing visitors)
  • What page do they land on (so you can make those pages more friendly)
  • What page do they leave (am I putting them off, are they getting frustrated)
  • How long do they spend on my website (is something putting them off)
  • Do they come back later (is my site sticky)
  • Have search engine robots looked at my pages (what pages are they reading)
  • Am I getting more visitors or less than before? (am I going up in the world)
  • Are my pages slow to load at all times of the day (is my hosting service adequate)
  • What words are people searching for when they find me? (which words are most suitable)
  • Who is online now? (what are they doing, what are they looking at)
  • What are my most and least popular pages?

Typical users

  • Web developers
  • Web site owners
  • Search engine marketing (analyse effectiveness of changes, highlight weak spots)
  • Campaign marketing
  • System administrators

Each site can be viewed by the administrator and read only accounts. Therefore a web developer might want to give the client access to view their statistics.

Download and install the client code

What makes AdvancedSiteStats different from other web site monitors?

Most website monitors use Javascript to monitor your site, often using a little image
to register each page. This presents several problems

  • Delays to pages loads

    This method means a little image must be downloaded from a website each time
    your page is loaded. This can often lead to the web browser indicating it
    is still downloading when your page has already been displayed

  • Only works with Javascript enabled browsers

    Any browsers without Javascript will not get picked up

  • No information from Search Engine Robots

    Search engine robots (like googlebot) search the internet for pages to display
    in their search results. As robots do not execute the Javascript, it is
    impossible to tell if they have visited your page. Advancedsitestats records
    all visits by robots by embedding the code inside the web page.

Free Web Stats

  • Web stats
  • Robot stats
  • Performance stats
  • Availability Monitoring

2 simple steps

  1. Download code and install
  2. Create account


  • No banners
  • No adverts
  • No spam
  • No contract

Free Demo

When not logged in,
all pages will be in demo
mode, showing stats for a real web site

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